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About our professional freelance book and manuscript editingBook Editing in the grand tradition is based near Vancouver, British Columbia, serving local authors and businesses, as well as clients from across Canada and the United States. Book Editing is part of my ongoing effort to provide fairly priced and professional book editing services to book authors and others working on major projects.

It takes special skills and book trade knowledge to edit books at the level that will ensure that they are truly publishable and marketable. In order to better assist authors, at Book Editing I draw upon my many years of experience as both a traditional and online editor to bring together long-established standards of editorial excellence with up-to-date publishing methods. This will ensure that your manuscript, self-published book, or other major project is both thoroughly edited and in accord with today's industry standards.

Quality editorial services

Patricia Anderson, PhD, at Book Editing in the grand traditionI am Patricia Anderson, PhD, founder of HelpingYouGetPublished.com and other literary and editorial websites. Book Editing in the grand tradition is yet another endeavour to help authors receive the quality editing for which they pay their fees. I am an author and veteran editor who has been writing and editing books for more decades than I care to reveal.

I am also a publishing historian, and not only do I know the changes that have occurred during my lifetime and career, but I also have the broader perspective of the history of the book. In addition to checking out the professional editing services, you might also like to access writing, editing, and publishing resources or look at my timeline of publishing history to get a sense of how your project continues the grand tradition of centuries of book printing and publishing.

My goal here at Book Editing is to provide the best possible editorial services, the kind that can only be ensured through established book-editing experience. Such experience is crucial, because editing books to be readable and commercially viable requires a skill set and book-trade knowledge not typically acquired through copyediting and proofreading shorter pieces, such as newspaper items, magazine articles, advertising copy, brief reports, and so on.

If I cannot take on your project myself, I will endeavour to match you with an appropriate editor for your particular type of book or project.

Authoritative editing

Book Editing uses the Chicago Manual of Style, Editing Canadian English, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Oxford Canadian Dictionary, and Publication Manual of the APA, as needed for any given project, to ensure that self-publishing authors and other book-length project producers get the most informed, accurate, and authoritative editing available. When requested, the editing additionally follows house style guides and, as appropriate, ensures consistency in the usage of American, British, or Canadian English. In all cases, Book Editing honours, and strives to enhance, the individuality of the author's voice.

Sustainable editing

While upholding traditional editorial excellence, Book Editing uses and promotes up-to-date methods of editing, proofreading, and publishing. Editorial services are therefore on-screen, paper-free, and sustainable—clients are also urged to reduce or eliminate their own use of paper. If you are a writer who has yet to embrace on-screen creativity, the video below just might inspire you to go digital.


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