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Book Editing in the grand tradition . . . distinguishes itself by upholding traditional standards of editorial excellence while using contemporary, sustainable editing methods. Book Editing joins forces with the several websites listed below that are also owned and operated by Patricia Anderson, PhD, a book author and editor, literary consultant, and scholar of publishing studies. While having in common a commitment to editorial excellence and sustainable editing best practices, each of these sites has its own distinctive focus or feature. Sharing the same commitment is the newest addition to this list, BookEdit.ca, owned by the editor and musician, Gail Runnels-Lefevre.

Book Editor Canada Editorial AffiliateBook Editor Canada The veteran book editor Patricia Anderson provides freelance professional editorial and literary services, including manuscript consulting and assessment, copyediting, proofreading, stylistic and structural editing, book proposals, query letters, Internet book marketing and promotion, and ebook formatting. Located near Vancouver, BC, Canada. Book Editor Canada is aimed at clients producing Canadian content, and those authors in Canada and beyond who particularly value Canadian editing expertise.

Book  Editors Canada Editorial AffiliateBook Editors Canada Patricia Anderson, PhD, and associates specializing in book editing offer comprehensive freelance editorial services, including manuscript evaluation and project development; copyediting, proofreading, and stylistic and structural editing; as well as such related services as book proposals, query letters, online book marketing and promotion, and ebook formatting. Located near Vancouver, BC, Book Editors Canada not only serves clients but also helps showcase Canadian editing talent.

BookEdit.ca Editorial AffiliateBookEdit.ca Gail Runnels-LeFevre, BA, a longtime Helping You Get Published and Book Editors Canada senior editorial associate, offers a full range of book editing services, including manuscript evaluation, copyediting, proofreading, stylistic and structural editing, book layout, and book proposal and query writing. There is also a distinctive page of useful links for writers and an added bonus of services for musicians: song transcription, arrangements, and lyrics. BookEdit.ca is located within greater Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Freelance Editor OnlineFreelance Editor Online This editorial service, another creation of Patricia Anderson, PhD, casts a wide net, offering full-service editing for a range of projects large and small. Freelance Editor Online (feo) is distinguished by its commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly editing and publishing, and by its detailed information on the brave new world of freelance editing online.

Helping You Get Published  freelance editing and manuscript consultingHelping You Get Published Book editor, author, and literary consultant Patricia Anderson, PhD, helps emerging and mid-career authors get published or self-publish their books and projects—offering editing, copyediting, proofreading, manuscript evaluation, book proposals, query letters, book market research, book trailers, press releases, online book promotion, and writing and publishing resources. Located near Vancouver, BC, Canada, and serving book authors since 1999, Helping You Get Published is known for its author-centred services and personalized writing and publishing strategies.

Helping you Get Published Canada freelance professional editingHelping You Get Published Canada This is the pared-down version of the original Helping You Get Published, providing the same editorial services—manuscript assessment, editing, proofreading, book proposals, query letters, and more—as well as quick access to writing and publishing resources. Located near Vancouver, BC, Helping You Get Published Canada is aimed at those who might have a preference for dot-ca websites; it is particularly designed to provide easy, direct access to the resources on the main Helping You Get Published site.


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