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Introducing Book Editing services in the grand tradition of publishingBook Editing in the grand tradition of publishing is both a contemporary business and a survival from the days when editors were a distinguished group. Among other specialized skills, they had a firm grasp of the rules of grammar, could set up a book's front matter correctly, and understood the conventions of both narrative style and expository writing. If there was something they didn't know, they never hesitated to look it up in the correct, authoritative source.

Book Editing in the grand tradition maintains these established editorial standards while, at the same time, operating on the cutting edge of editing today. The editorial methods used here accord with the latest trends in publishing, so that your book conforms to both the literary and technical demands of today's publishing industry. Clients receive comprehensive freelance book editing and value-added editorial and publishing services for a wide range of subject areas, book genres, and major projects.

As the name indicates, Book Editing specializes in editing and proofreading books, ebooks, and book-length projects at all stages from first draft-in-progress, to completed manuscript, to final proof. Clients are self-publishing book authors as well as those seeking traditional publication. Additional services include the editing and proofreading of white papers, dissertations, theses, articles, and other major projects in business, professional, and academic fields.

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Book Editing is dedicated to preserving editorial excellence in the book trade and to giving attentive, meticulous service based on the individual needs of each client. Welcome to Book Editing in the grand tradition of publishing!


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